by: N'shei u'Bnos Chabad Mivtzoim

‘10 POINTS OF LIGHT’ – the Lights of Moshiach


     The phone rang. "Hi!  Can you join us on Mivtzoim today?" the cheery voice asked me. Before I got to a yes or no answer, a voice popped up in my head- Mivtzoim? What exactly are Mivtzoim ?  Standing on street corners?  Asking strangers if they are Jewish?  Something about 10

So I started to ask around a bit to see what  '10 POINTS OF LIGHT' are all about.

      Mivtzoim were introduced by the Rebbe over 10 years (5727-5737). In a decimal/10 world, created through Hashem’s 10 Sayings, moralized and justified by the 10 Commandments, the Rebbe's revolutionary 10 point Mivtza campaigns are a vehicle for upgrade - taking a golus world and transforming the very same world to a place of Geulah.     

      Simple, right? Well. yes and no. The Mivtzah campaigns are deceptively simple, yet profound and miraculous. Only the Lubavitcher Rebbe, in this generation, could put so much Light and G-dliness into such a simple ‘package’.

      Are Mivtzoim just a way to hasten the Geulah? Yes and no again! Remember the story of the Tzaddik who opened the window to smell if Moshiach had come because his room DID have the air of Moshiach? When WE are doing Mivtzoim, we have stepped into a sort of ‘virtual Geulah bubble’.

So here are the BIG 10…these ‘bubbles’ of Geulah:


Mivtzah TEFILLIN : Moshiach works to open each Jew’s heart and mind to a fiery love, and a deep knowing, of Hashem.  That’s what Tefillin do.

Mivtzah NESHEK: Jewish women usher in Shabbos with their candles, and they usher in the Geulah (the era that is fully Shabbos). That is why the Rebbe and Rebbe Rayatz put so much effort into empowering and educating women in a way that no one ever did before (sicho of Beshalach 5752).

Mivtzah MEZUZAH: Just as our mezuzahs protect us both at home and in the street,  Moshiach makes us fully aware that Hashem protects us everywhere; nothing is random, and we need not fear. We are safe. 

Mivtzah TORAH : Rambam: ‘The occupation of the whole world will be nothing other than to KNOW G-d; the Jews will be deep, wise scholars who will teach the entire world’. Who creates this? Moshiach!

Mivtzah TZEDAKAH:  Sunday Dollars - revolutionary! A 3-way partnership with the Rebbe in bringing a previously self-centered world to see Tzedakah as perfectly normal!

Mivtzah BAYIS MALEH SEFORIM: In such a home, we are in a sort of ‘Teivah’ surrounded by holiness on all sides. In Geulah 'the earth will be FILLED with the knowledge of G-d just as water fills the ocean bed'- (surrounded by holiness).

Mivtzah KASHRUS: Pure and impure are clearly delineated via Kashrus, the life-affirming vs. the negative. Moshiach clarifies everything and sets it all straight.

Mivtzah AHAVAS YISROEL: Moshiach teaches us that we Jews are not separate; we are one indivisible unit, with each other and with Hashem. The Rebbe tells us that we have completed Ahavas Yisroel as a tikun for the golus - now we do it as a taste of  Moshiach times! (sicho of Matos-Masei 5751).

Mivtzah CHINUCH : Moshiach makes us the teachers of the world, and gives us the technological tools to do it easily. 

Mivtzah TAHARAS HAMISHPACHA: Marriage is meant to be pure, and deeply bonding. Geulah IS our ‘marriage with Hashem’ – a cleaving of essence to Atzmus (G-d’s Essence), because of its purity and power. Moshiach brings us to this level.

So there you have it!

The BIG 10: ‘Ten Points of Light’ - the Lights of Moshiach.

We cant wait to see how those 10 Lights look in the 3rd Beis Hamikdash !

Thanks for partnering with us in Mivtzoim.