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‘10 POINTS OF LIGHT’ – the Lights of Moshiach

     The phone rang.  "Hi.  Can you join us on Mivtzoim today?" the cheery voice asked me.  Before I got to a yes or no answer, a voice popped up in my head-  Mivtzoim? What exactly are Mivtzoim ?  Standing on street corners?   Asking strangers if they are Jewish?  Something about 10? 

     So I started to ask around a bit to see what  '10 POINTS OF LIGHT' are all about.

Mivtzoim were introduced by the Rebbe over 10 years (5727-5737). In a decimal/10 world, created through Hashem’s 10 Sayings, moralized and justified by the 10 Commandments, the Rebbe's revolutionary 10  point Mivtza campaigns are a vehicle for upgrade - taking a golus world  and transforming the very same world to a place of Geulah.     

      Simple,  right? Well. yes and no. The Mivtzah campaigns are deceptively simple,  yet profound and miraculous. Only the Lubavitcher Rebbe, in this  generation, could put so much Light and G-dliness into such a simple  ‘package’.